Why Facebook groups are good for business:

Disappointed by the lack of response to your Facebook Page posts? Facebook is focusing on private interactions via groups and messaging. This means your business page posts will continue to get lower organic (free) exposure. Consider creating at least one group linked to your Facebook business page. You can offer tips to users, contests, event listings, and much more. It looks like groups are here to stay; in fact, Facebook is adding new features. Need help getting started? H

Marketing in a time of uncertainty

We're in the middle of a pandemic, not sure when and how it ends, the economy is reeling from mass layoffs, people are understandably frightened and worried about the future. Does that mean you should halt all of your marketing? Not necessarily. You will want to proceed with caution. If people haven't stopped spending, they're far more careful with what they purchase. If you have something you can offer for free - at least for now - that might be a great way to provide someth