Why Facebook groups are good for business:

Disappointed by the lack of response to your Facebook Page posts? Facebook is focusing on private interactions via groups and messaging. This means your business page posts will continue to get lower organic (free) exposure. Consider creating at least one group linked to your Facebook business page. You can offer tips to users, contests, event listings, and much more. It looks like groups are here to stay; in fact, Facebook is adding new features. Need help getting started? H

Unleash the power of video

Want your business page to remain relevant on Facebook? Videos are a powerful and effective way to reach your audience and they receive significantly more views and shares than other types of posts. If you’re going to use video, make sure you’re clear on your message and your call to action: what should viewers do when the video is over? Sign up for an email list? Make a purchase? You want the video viewing experience to end with a response from your audience. And if you have